Remember the beautiful philosophical book, “Notes to Myself” written by Hugh Prather? Here’s a wonderful practical application to make notes to yourself, created by Cynapse.

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Getting Started

Once the SyncNotes PocketPC client is installed on your PocketPC device, start the application on your PDA by tapping Start -> Programs and then tapping on the SyncNotes icon. When the application is running you will see a message saying, "You do not have any notes yet."

The first thing you should do is set up your account information so that SyncNotes can download your notes from the SyncNotes system and you can start using SyncNotes. To do this, tap "Menu" on the bottom left and then choose "Options" from the menu that pops up. The SyncNotes Options dialog should appear. Select the "Synchronize" tab. Enter your account information into the provided input boxes. Enter the email address you used to sign up on the SyncNotes system in the input box titled "Email" and your password in the input box titled "Password". Ensure that your PDA has an active Internet connection and then hit the "OK" button. The SyncNotes client will connect to the SyncNotes system server to authenticate your account and fetch your notes.

The Notes List

The Notes List is the main interface of the SyncNotes PocketPC client application where you can see a list of all the notes you've created. In the Notes List, note titles are shown in a list. You will notice that the background of each note title in the list is set to the color of the note so that you can visually discern the note according to the colors you've set.

Creating a Note
Tap on the "Menu" and select "New Note" to create a new note. A new note can also be created using the first icon on the toolbar.

Selecting a Note
When you tap on a note in the Notes List, it will expand to show a partial view of the note body. An expanded note is considered to be 'selected'. Some actions from the toolbar and context menus apply only to the selected note. Only one note can be selected at a time. To change a selected note just tap on the note title.

In place edit
The Notes List supports in place editing of notes. To edit a note, first select it by tapping on the note title. The note will expand to show a partial view of the note body. Tap on the note again to edit the note. Your PDA's soft keyboard (or whatever text input mechanism is your default) will appear and you can edit the note. When you are done with editing the note tap anywhere outside the note body, on another note title or on a scrollbar to save your changes.
Note: In place edit can be turned off from the options screen.

Context Menu
Tap and hold on a note to pop up a context menu. The context menu can be used to:

  • Sort Notes by Title, Color or Date
  • View a note in Fullscreen mode
  • Delete a selected note
  • Send a note to another user
  • Change note color
  • Cut, Copy and Paste text in edit mode
  • Insert today's date into the current note when in edit mode

When a note title or body text is longer than what can displayed on your PocketPC screen, a small arrow pointing down and right is placed at the bottom right of the note title or body text. Tap and hold this "Chevron" to display a popup preview which displays more text. You can use this feature to get a popup preview of the text for easy reference.

Key Navigation
You can use your PocketPC's Up and Down buttons to select the previous and next notes in the Notes List. Pressing the "Center" action key will the pop the selected note in full screen mode.


The View Note / New Note Screen

To view a note in full screen mode tap and hold on a note in the Note List to pop a context menu and select "Fullscreen" from the menu. The full screen mode lets you work with a single note with the maximum possible space dedicated to the note text. This is useful for reading long notes and editing / creating long notes as well.

Editing the note: When full screen mode is first activated, the screen is in view mode only; tap anywhere on the note to change to edit mode. Your soft text input component will pop up; use it to edit the note as required. Clicking on Ok or on "Save" saves the changes.

The full screen mode has the standard edit menu as well as three menu links:

Save: Tapping on "Save" will save and close the note.

Send: Use the "Send" to pop the Send Note dialog; which is explained later.

Delete / Discard: While viewing an existing note, a "Delete" option becomes available in the full screen mode. Tapping this will let you delete a note; a confirmation is asked before the note is actually deleted. The "Discard" option is only visible on notes that have been newly created. If you decide that you do not want to keep a newly created note, tap the "Discard" menu link and the note will not be saved.

Changing color: There is a row of colored boxes just below the note body text. Tapping on a color box changes the color of the note to the tapped color.


The options dialog can be shown by tapping on "Menu" and then "Options" in the Notes List. It has three tabs as explained below:

List Behaviour
This tab lets you control the tap action on a selected note in the Notes List. You can choose to Edit the Note in place, Edit the note in full screen mode or Do nothing.

This tab lets you control theme settings for SyncNotes. You can use the four color controls to create a theme that will be applied to your custom notes. You can select the colors for the Title bar, Note background, Title bar text and Note body text. If you turn on the "Random theme for new notes" check box, every new note you create will have a random theme selected. Alternatively, if you turn it off, you can select the default note theme from the drop down list.

The synchronize tab lets you set up your account details (as explained in "Getting Started" at the beginning of the manual) and also has settings like "Sync on startup" which causes a synchronize everytime SyncNotes is started. An auto synchronize option is also provided which lets you decide to have SyncNotes automatically synchronize your notes in the background. You can also set up the frequency with which an auto synchronize will be done. The Auto Synchronize option is particularly useful for users who have an always on type of Internet connection available for their Pocket PCs using technologies like GPRS or WiFi.

Remember to press Ok to save your settings. Pressing Cancel will discard all the changes you've made in the Options screen.

The Reset button resets all changes to the SyncNotes client. This includes your account settings, options and all other changes. Please be careful to synchronize your notes before you do this - all notes that have not been synchronized with the server will be permanently lost when you do a Reset.

Synchronizing your notes

To synchronize your notes with the SyncNotes system tap "Menu" and then "Synchronize Notes" when in the Notes List. You can also use the Sychronize icon on the toolbar for the same effect. Please note that an active Internet connection is required for synchronization to be successful. If connection to the SyncNotes system servers is not possible, you will be prompted with a failure message.

Sending a note

You can send a note to another person by selecting a note in the Notes List and clicking the "Send" icon on the toolbar. Alternatively, you can select the "Send" item from the context menu that pops up when you tap and hold on a note. You can also send a note from the full screen mode by tapping the Send menu link. Sending a note is as simple as filling in the recipient's email address in the text input box. You can send a note to more than one recipient by separating their email addresses with commas.
Note: An active Internet connection is required to use the send a note feature.